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Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Cara memasang Alexa Widget di dalam situs kita atau Blog kita sangat Mudah. Caranya adalah Sbb :

1. Masuk ke situs dan klik webmasters corner
2. Klik Widget
3. Tuliskan alamat situs atau blok kita di kotak Alexa Site Stats Button
4. Klik Built Widget
5. Scrips Alexa Widget sudah jadi dan tinggal kita pilih model yang kita inginkan dan copy pastekan scripts tersebut di situs atau blog kita.
6. Kita lihat hasilnya maka alexa widget sudah ada disitus kita.

Fungsi alexa rank menurut definisi adalah sbb :

The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach). As a first step, Alexa computes the reach and number of page views for all sites on the Web on a daily basis.

The main Alexa traffic rank is based on the geometric mean of these two quantities averaged over time (so that the rank of a site reflects both the number of users who visit that site as well as the number of pages on the site viewed by those users).

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  1. The journey of Alexa- The Web Information Company has never been a smooth one. Alexa that has been in the scenario almost from the start of the Web had seen immense growth and popularity and then a pretty morbid phase. However, it went back to the drawing board and sketched out new ways to pull back the company to steadiness. Several new innovations and changes have been made to Alexa since the time of its inception partly to stay in sync with the changing times and demands and partly to combat its competitors. As for example, till some time back the popularity of various websites was measured by the data collected from the users of the Alexa toolbar. However, the company went for a change in April 2008. Today other factors, apart from the Alexa toolbar, are also taken into account to determine the popularity and traffic of a given website. However, the point to ponder is that the “other sources” that are determinant of a websites Alexa rankings are not clearly cut out. They are vague and misty. Nevertheless, Alexa is still one of the most credible and powerful players of the web.

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